If I Were President

There are so many things I would do but one would be to put American schools back at the top of the global educational system with a floor to ceiling RE-DO driven by ideas from the teachers and students themselves. Life skills would be substituted for some advanced math and tracking would be possible so students could focus on what they are GOOD at and what they are actually fit to do in life. Finally, a "Too Cool For School" program would remove non-performing kids from the classroom and into vocational training that would simply educate them to the penal system, law enforcement, common sense banking and credit, and a few other life skills before releasing them to the dropout population at large.

If I was president the public could petition for funding various good causes. Ombudsmanship of those funds would have significant legal fiduciary responsibilities.
Schools would all have drug and gun dogs, Schnauzers to be exact to minimize risk of student injury, whilst being equally effective at ferreting out threats.
Police forces would have Kevlared police dogs for each officer to aid in so many areas - mostly the mundane warehouse sweeps for false alarms - but also a gun sniff for every traffic stop.
Social Security would be run as a business if not BY a business or accounting firm also with stringent legal oversight with significant fiduciary responsibilities.
Welfare would be phased out over ten years and babies born AFTER a Welfare allowance is established for a woman would NOT generate additional funds. Drug testing of human hair collected under supervised conditions would be mandatory for a party to remain on the dole.

The public school system would get a 100% over haul shaped by a comprehensive, nationwide convention of the brightest current and retired educators, re-inventing "school" from scratch including but not limited to introduction of life-skills, a "Too Cool For School" vocational training program which would remove non-academics from the classroom with dedicated students, school would not be an automatic privilege but in fact continued participation would be behavior based. School uniforms would be considered to remove distraction of all-too-common partial nudity, as well as overt and fundamental socioeconomic differences made apparent, and keenly felt in the public school system by those more or less fortunate.
Classes would be evaluated based on value in later life addressing current social ills, simultaneously attempting to bring young people into better government awareness and participation for better or worse.

Additionally nutrition would be dealt with by EXAMPLE in public schools allowing specific time for snacks of high quality and 15 minute energy recovery rest breaks between classes, but NOT in the halls, this would be the first fifteen minutes of extended 75 minute classes twice a day - the content of the class notwithstanding and differing from school to school.
Children would get absolutely NO different treatment from the judicial system for felony and capital crimes. Misdemeanors would continue to get special consideration but felony and capital crimes would carry identical punishment to those of adults. Children would not be put in adult prison populations but reduction or elimination of sentences based on minority age would be impossible.

The names of persons committing misdemeanors should become searchable public information.
Guns should be unregulated, however, a person who commits a crime with gun should have ANY crime involving same treated as a capital offense including the possibility of life in prison, because; the ONLY difference between homicide and armed robbery (punishments very different, currently in our jdicial system) is the jerk of a trigger.

Rape should be a capital offense with the self-same penalties associated with murder-one because in fact, the victim of most rapes is never the same again, and a life of fear, PTSD and even physical mutilation is not the same person they were before the crime was committed.

Child molestation should have a tiered system ranging from aggravated assault to capital crime. Again, a child repeatedly abused, actually penetrated or physically damaged by an adult or relative is very likely "ruined" for life, persons committing such crimes are soulless if not at the very least cruel, and persons guilty of such crimes in many cases are worthy of removal from society on a permanent, irretrievable basis.
"Kid Rock" the musician in the pork pie hat with the greasy hair should be vasectomized at once.
Public television should be HEAVILY funded with life-lesson television. Content not generated by the talking heads in Washington but in fact made for TV presentations of acclaimed material such as "The Gentle Warrior" - "His Needs Her Needs" - "What the Bleep Do We Know" and works known to result in lasting contributions to human character. Such broadcasts should form the cornerstone of some element of the public school system process.
Importation of consumer commodities from China, basically capitalizing on the disparities in the labor-cost of production should be reduced or taxed in such a way to permit the re-emergence of America as a viable base to manufacture such consumer goods.

Minimum wage should be abolished.

Labor Unions should have their power restricted to ensuring labor rights to fair representation and arbitration, and safety. Organizing walk outs and labor slowdowns, as well as price-fixing for labor, should not compose a legal activity on the part of the Union.
The rights of individuals to their free speech should not be abridged, however, the medium in which their rights are upheld should be legislated to prevent their "right" to produce and distribute pornography in the purview of children should be strictly and devastatingly ensured and enforced.

Legislation would be results oriented and not driven by the desire to remain universally inoffensive to all participants.

Lost lawsuits would be paid for by the plaintiff. If a suit is obviously frivolous, and the suit is lost, the plaintiff would pay court costs for both parties. Entities should not have to pay legal fees to defend themselves against SLAPPS and frivolous greenback-suits.

The rights of the majority would no longer be abridged by the minority. Our consitution and bill of rights ensure that everyone can worship and believe as they wish, but to abridge the rights of the majority to demonstrate THEIR faith to appease the whims of a minority would be stopped. Any effort to abridge the rights of the minority to exercise their right to demonstrate THEIR faith would also be guaranteed by law.

Separation of Church and State would have to be re-defined to be closer to the spirit of the law as intended by our forefathers. Right to Bear Arms as well.

If I were president, there would be several Presidents (our country is finally big enough for such a concept) ideas and decisions made unilaterally should be considered passe and being able to eliminate the most powerful leader in the free world with ONE bullet is absurd. The entire legislative system would get a renovation most especially regarding the House and Congressional rights, compensation and immunities.

Bipartisan politics would remain legal however structure or incentives to ensure or 'cause' convergence and cooperation should be instituted. The system that CAUSES and even PERMITS the losing party to intentionally undermine the efforts of the majority party should be reviewed. The public should have the right to vote on the activities of their respective party rather than these leaders acting myopically to thwart the system on sheer principle.
Pork-barrel politics and legislative 'riders' should be legislatively impossible.

Eminent Domain would be HEAVILY regulated including the rights of the individual to a fast-track legal process and or a peer reviewed remuneration system that made the losing landowner whole.

Human euthanasia should be legal but handled with much the same process that protects divorce. To achieve euthanasia, the seeking party will need to have a judge, medical doctor, psychologist and the assigned executrix of the seeker's estate signing off. The family should not have to agree. Such persons who are intestate or do not have a notarized Living Will may be deprived from the right to pursue legal euthanasia.

Instead of replacing money in the economic system via loans to banks, most new money would enter the system, as well as replacements for old bills, via public works. Loans to banks would not be stopped of course, but replenishment or expansion of money would be through the building of schools, prisons, improvement of buildable land via irrigation in the West, development of solar and wind power systems, and more.

Cars with more than 75 mpg would be bought outright by the public with a tax credit equal to the cost of the car. The rebated / tax free cars would ONLY be made in the United States. Other cars would certainly be welcome but to get the tax break the American auto industry would be supported.

The first company with a successful, safe and cost effective production car that efficiently burns something OTHER than petroleum would be granted market rights that bordered on telephone company monopolies of the eighties.

The President's Cabinet would ascend to a whole new level of importance and contain the true leaders and experts in the crucial fields of socioeconomics, history, defense, etc.

Cake would be moister and the use of artificial sweeteners would be outlawed, in cake.

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